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I hate talking about myself, but hopefully I can get it all out here and not have to talk about myself ever again! So here we go all about me, or Alexis!

I am currently 22 years old. I'm not an extremely smart person, nor am I by any means dumb. In fact, I could probably have pulled a 4.0 in college... if I'd actually put some work into it. But I'm happy with my mid-B average. I will be beginning my final semester of school this upcoming January! I've spent the last 3.5 years studying elementary education and it's all led up to this! Instead of classes I'll be student teaching in grades unbeknownst to me. My fingers are crossed for Kindergarten or First. I can tell you that I will be so excited that there is a 99% chance you'll see at least one post talking about my student teaching. Just beware now.

I have been dating an amazing guy since I started college. His best friend was trying to hit on my roommate and he was tagging along for the ride. Somehow we ended up dating a week later and the rest is history. Honestly, when we started dating I figured it was going to be more a way to socialize and meet people in college since he was a year ahead... but four years later here we are still happily dating. We're planning to get married whenever we can afford it. No money means no wedding for now, but it will come. I have it all planned on my handy dandy pinterest account... so if you are wanting to gift us a couple grand I can have it pulled up and done this summer. However, I figure most of you are like me and don't have that kind of money lying around.

Other than reading, I love love love to be on the stage. Maybe that makes me vain, but I don't care. I've been singing since I was 3 and my dad would sing all those silly little kids songs with me during my bath every night. When I was 4 my parents threw my hyperactive butt into ballet (I had gotten kicked out of gymnastics after breaking my arm), and I have been in dance classes ever since. Then the big revelation came when I was in 5th grade and I made the elementary school drama club. The rest is history. I love theater. I miss it. I no longer have time to act or sing or dance, but those will always be my passions.

Finally obviously, I love to read. I have loved it for as long as I can remember. In kindergarten, my teacher would let us 'eat lunch with the teacher' for every 5 books we read to her... I was eating lunch with her pretty much every few days. Since then the passion has only grown. In high school, I'd get a paycheck from my little minimum wage job and head straight to the book store. I think on average I spent $50 on books every week. My friends would tease me about having a new book everyday, but it was what it was. It's sad that i can no longer read that much. Growing up has really sucked half the fun out of life. I do try though. I now average reading about 10 books a month give or take. It's still my favorite past time... and these days you never see me leave my house without my nook or a book in my hand.

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